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How Warm Belly Wetsuits Happened

by founder Greg Colyar

Warm Belly Wetsuits came about when my daughter excitedly began taking swimming lessons in an 82° F pool. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment of the water were quickly dampened by how cold and uncomfortable she became. She and the other kids were in the water only a short time before they were distracted from the lesson, their small bodies shaking all over and their lips turning various shades of blue.

 Even in a heated pool the heat loss of a small body to the surrounding cooler water is about 25 times faster than in air. Thin lycra sunsuits kept the sun off OK but the wicking action of all that wet lycra against her skin caused additional cooling as it dried. She got cold as heat was lost to the lycra much like a layer of perspiration evaporates to cool off a heated body.
Having surfed comfortably in frigid ocean waters in a neoprene wetsuit, I thought a kids' version would be ideal for swim lessons and other water fun at the lake, river, or beach. The only true neoprene wetsuits available for kids were high priced, restricted arm movement, and since they weren't adjustable, they weren't good for very long.

Warm Belly Wetsuits allow for freedom of arm motion and they can be adjusted as the child grows to provide for years of use.

Warm Belly Wetsuits insulate the body and keep kids warmer longer by slowing heat loss. Designed for water above 65° F, our wetsuits keep kids warmer and more comfortable, allowing them to be more attentive and to enjoy the water longer.

Proudly made in the USA.

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