Warm Belly Wet Suits
Warm Belly Wetsuits are comfortable adjustable Neoprene wetsuits that are specially designed in 5 sizes for ages 6 months to 12 years old. Since they are adjustable, each size can be worn for years as the child grows. We use quality 2 mm (1/8") nylon covered Neoprene that provides excellent insulation and is very comfortable. So now your kids will stay warmer in the water longer!

Our wetsuits are ideal for use at the pool, at the lake, river, or beach, anywhere kids and water get together. Kids will enjoy the water more, and parents will enjoy the easy care and adjustability of these quality wetsuits for several years of use as the child grows.

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Made in Humboldt County, California USA
  Insulating Neoprene keeps kids warmer

  Adjustable straps allow for growth and years of use

  Soft - smooth nylon inside and out

  Comfortable enough to be worn alone as a swimsuit

  Durable 2 mm (1/8 in) Neoprene will last many years

  Convenient to slip on and off

  Safe - without zippers that pinch skin or jam


Extra Small : Front View

The three smallest sizes have a lower flap that adjusts for ease of fit and changing. Click picture for larger view.

Extra Small : Back View



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